Mortgage Assistance is Available for People in the Heart of Texas Region: Apply Before It Runs Out!

Mortgage Assistance is Available for People in the Heart of Texas Region: Apply Before It Runs Out! Main Photo

25 Feb 2022


The Heart of Texas Council of Governments is looking for people to apply for assistance under the Texas Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (TEMAP) immediately. There is currently $120,000 left for this program and it needs to be spent by August.  

The program was made possible through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). TDHCA ensured that CDBG CARES funds were available to cities, counties, local nonprofits, and organizations through a competitive application process. 

The process allows for local service providers to offer mortgage assistance to homeowners in specific service areas. The service providers receive funds that will go toward housing for homeowners who are at 80 percent of the Area Median Income or lower and have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On average, eligible homeowners would receive mortgage payment for up to six months which can include at least one month going forward and all arrears paid. The overall payments can range from approximately $3,500 to $9,200. In some cases, the TEMAP program may even be able to provide 11 months' worth of help.

Mortgage Program Testimonials

The counties that are currently utilizing this program are Falls, Bosque, Limestone, and Hill. If you own a home in one of these counties, you may qualify to receive mortgage assistance benefits through TEMAP. Here is what one individual had to say about her TEMAP experience:

“My goal is to get back on my feet and to give back to others who find themselves in a similar situation someday,” said Bosque County resident Cathy Jo. “I applaud all of you at HOTCOG for the work you do.” 

Assistance for Heart of Texas Homeowners

HOTCOG is a quick and easy source of information for how to get help with grants and more, dedicated to connecting community to government. Heart of Texas residents are encouraged to stop here first when seeking guidance with applications. 

In order to receive mortgage assistance, homeowners in Falls, Bosque, Limestone, and Hill can contact their regional TEMAP service provider HOTCOG. Call (254) 292-1800, or fill out this form and a representative will get back to you with further details in one to three business days.

More forms will be assigned after the initial form is completed. Applicants are awarded funds in order of who applied first. 

“HOTCOG appreciates the opportunity to assist families in our communities that face extreme complexities through such a pandemic,” said Falen Bohannon, HOTCOG’s Environmental and Economic Development Coordinator. “HOTCOG hopes to bring relief and hopefulness through dedicated hard work in providing various programs to each individual in our 6-county region.”