Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The 17-member Executive Committee, HOTCOG’s governing body, largely comprises city and county elected officials nominated and selected annually to provide direction to HOTCOG staff on program implementation, budgets, contracts and general policies and procedures for managing the agency.

Executive Committee Members: January 2023

President: Honorable Jay Elliott, Falls County Judge

Vice President:  Honorable Geary Smith, Mayor, City  of Mexia

Secretary-Treasurer: Honorable Richard Duncan, Limestone County Judge

Honorable Justin Lewis, Hill County Judge

Honorable Andrew Smith, Mayor, City of Hillsboro

Honorable Nita Wuebker, Commissioner, Falls County

Honorable Jeannie Keeney, Freestone Co. Treasurer

Honorable Richard Duncan, Limestone County Judge

Honorable Linda Grant, Freestone County Judge

Honorable Cindy Vanlandingham, Bosque County Judge

Honorable Ray Bickerstaff, Mayor, City of Valley Mills

Honorable Jim Holmes, Councilmember, City of Waco

Honorable Scott Felton, McLennan County Judge

Honorable Jim Smith, Commissioner, McLennan County

Honorable Jimmy Rogers, Councilmember, City of Robinson

Honorable Calvin Rueter, Special Districts

Honorable Andrea Barefield, Councilmember, City of Waco

Honorable Alice Rodriguez, Councilmember, City of Waco