Law Enforcement Training Program

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The Regional Law Enforcement Training Program's goal is to increase the education and training level of law enforcement officers in the HOTCOG region as well as provide officers with training for state-mandated, intermediate, and specialized training. This program does not charge law enforcement professionals that work or live within the HOTCOG region for classes. Occasionally, there may be a small fee for a course that is offered by a third party, and out-of-region attendees are charged $50 per course. 

Class Registration and Details

We require pre-registration for all of our Law Enforcement Training classes. This is to ensure we have enough materials and resources available for participants. 

  • Class Times: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. unless otherwise specified.
  • Cost: No charge for individuals working within the HOTCOG Region; $50/class for attendees from outside the region. Some classes will have specific charges stated.
  • Payments Accepted: Cash, check, or money order with payment prior to class. No credit cards and no refunds but you may transfer the registration if needed.  
  • For classes that are limited, preference for seating will be given to in-region agency registrants.
  • Internet Explorer will NOT work with our registration system, please use a different browser if you cannot see any of the courses below


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NOTE: Participant email and training coordinator email can not be the same email address.