The Pleasant Weather of the Heart of Texas is a Highlight of Living Here!

The Heart of Texas Region is blessed to have pleasant spring and fall seasons, with very mild winters. Local recreation, entertainment centers around the more moderate spring and fall months. Summers can be hot, with average high temperatures above 90℉. Springtime is the season with the most precipitation, with thunderstorms frequenting the area in the transition from winter to summer.

As a general indicator of the climate of the Heart of Texas, BestPlaces indicates the Waco Metro Area has a Comfort Index of 7.1 out of 10, which means it is fairly representative of the rest of Texas. The area receives about 37 inches of rain and 231 sunny days each year. More specific information about Heart of Texas cities and counties can be found at BestPlaces.

The Heart of Texas has the perfect climate for successful businesses to flourish!