May Means Small Business Week and Economic Development Week at HOTCOG

May Means Small Business Week and Economic Development Week at HOTCOG Main Photo

27 Apr 2022


We’re celebrating Small Business Week and Economic Development Week in May! What could be better than recognizing economic developers during Spring, the season of life and growth? 

This May is the perfect time to raise awareness about the various economic development organizations that make strides to support and improve upon the development of businesses in their specific community. May kicks off with two very important weeks: Small Business Week and Economic Development Week. Join HOTCOG as we celebrate and spread the word about economic development activities in the Heart of Texas.

Celebrate Small Business Week in the Heart of Texas

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) holds Small Business Week every year during the first week of May. Small businesses deserve to be celebrated for a multitude of reasons. They bring character to communities and offer one-of-a-kind experiences for families. They create jobs within communities and strengthen their local economy, overall. 

In its 2021 Small Business Profile, the SBA Office of Advocacy reported that 61.2 million employees—46.8 percent of the entire U.S. employee workforce—worked for small businesses. In 2018, American Express reported that about 67 cents of every dollar spent at a U.S. small business will stay in that business’ local community. Plus, every dollar spent at that downtown shop, restaurant, or cafe will create an additional 50 cents in business activity in the local area. 

Promoting small businesses is a fun and convenient way to help support the economy within a community. You can go shopping at a nearby small business with friends and family, share their social media posts, or tip more than usual at your local restaurant or cafe. All the while you will be making exciting memories with your loved ones. We urge you to show your appreciation for small businesses in the Heart of Texas the first week of May and all year round!

Economic Development Week at HOTCOG

Support Small BusinessesEconomic Development Week (EDW) is celebrated during the second week of May to recognize local economic developer efforts in building and enhancing their communities. The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) first launched EDW in 2016 to increase awareness about local economic development programs. Whether the program produces job opportunities or improves a community’s overall quality of life, it is imperative to local growth. Economic development organizations like HOTCOG not only provide support for small businesses but also for other local economic contributors.

EDW offers an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of economic developers and the local leaders who work around the clock to boost the local economy and improve the quality of life of the community that they serve. HOTCOG works to provide assistance and resources to local entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our efforts support the retention, expansion, and promotion of local businesses and workforce development within the Heart of Texas. 

Whether you’re in the Heart of Texas or another part of the United States, business is about finding people who can quickly help you achieve success. HOTCOG takes pride in helping businesses in the Heart of Texas to make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to growth and reduce stress within their workplace. Contact HOTCOG to discover more resources and the many ways that we can help!