Why Locate in the Heart of Texas?

20 Dec 2021


Why should businesses locate in the Heart of Texas? The Heart of Texas region offers companies several reasons to locate in our growing area! One reason is location advantage! The Heart of Texas is located in the middle of the “Texas Triangle,” which is formed by Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. This makes the region ideal for businesses who work with these bigger cities or would like to expand to work with them. 

Regionally, we are incredibly diverse and that creates unique opportunities for businesses as well. Waco, for example, is a commercial and retail hub that’s attracting national businesses. Our more rural communities are rich in agriculture and ideal for manufacturing and distribution. Whatever a business needs - we have it. 

Other advantages include a skilled and affordable workforce, prime sites and properties with solid infrastructure. There are other beneficial tax advantages to locating your business here including no corporate income tax or individual income tax. There are several tax programs available at the county and state levels dedicated to helping area businesses with employee development and training. Click here to learn more about why you should choose to locate your business in The Heart of Texas!