Waco economy explodes in March, good news for job-seekers, hotels and home sellers

29 Apr 2021


The Greater Waco economy exploded in March, with spending on cars, homes and hotel stays accelerating. So robust is the continuing recovery that several business people Thursday said they have jobs they can’t fill.

“Travel around the city, and you’ll see help-wanted and hiring signs popping up,” said Kris Collins, senior vice president for economic development at the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. She said people who have spent their stimulus checks or have exhausted their eligibility for COVID-19-related unemployment benefits have opportunities to choose from.

“People need jobs they can move into as quickly as possible,” Collins said.

State economist Karr Ingham released his Greater Waco Economic Index showing that March spending jumped 10% from March last year, when the pandemic began inflicting damage. Spending is up 4.1% for the quarter, January through March, in the metro area of Waco and its suburbs.

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