HOTCOG’S Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Program!

29 Nov 2021


The Heart of Texas Council of Governments (HOTCOG) partners with the State of Texas Office of the Governor’s  State Homeland Security Program to enhance emergency preparedness in this region! The HOTCOG Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Program is a program dedicated to building a network between local, state, and federal
stakeholders to increase community preparedness and response capabilities for any emergencies or disaster that may arise. 

This partnership between HOTCOG, local municipalities, and the Office of the Governor’s State Homeland Security Program enhances planning, cooperation, training, and coordination throughout the HOTCOG six-county region. This partnership is dedicated to supporting the continued development of emergency management plans and provides assistance to the people in the HOTCOG area. Click here to learn more about HOTCOG’s Emergency Preparedness Program today!