HOTCOG is Looking Forward to National Entrepreneurship Month in the Heart of Texas

HOTCOG is Looking Forward to National Entrepreneurship Month in the Heart of Texas Main Photo

28 Oct 2022


This November, HOTCOG will be celebrating local entrepreneurs in the Heart of Texas for National Entrepreneurship Month! Entrepreneurs throughout the Heart of Texas have their hands full with all the work they’ve been doing to produce the latest products and inventions.

Last year, the United States was ranked as the most entrepreneurial country in the world. This year, the U.S. was rated the top country with the highest number of business startups and the most solid startup ecosystem on the Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022 by StartupBlink.

Successful startups grow into small businesses with time and 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses last year were small businesses. That equals approximately 32.5 million small businesses across the country. With such an important role in the economy, continued support for mom-and-pop shops in the Heart of Texas is a must.

National Entrepreneurship Month in a Nutshell

National Entrepreneurship Month takes place in November and National Entrepreneurs' Day is observed every third Tuesday of November, occurring this year on the 15th. Both offer a time to celebrate the efforts of entrepreneurs in communities across the U.S. that better the economy locally and nationally. 

Entrepreneurship connects like-minded individuals who have the common goal of providing a high-quality product or service to satisfy customer needs in some sort of newly enhanced way. Entrepreneurs deserve recognition and support for several reasons. Not only do they produce new and improved goods, services, and ideas, but their businesses also help with job creation. The more new companies are launched, the more employment opportunities become available to the public. 

Innovators in the Heart of Texas

HOTCOG would like to express our appreciation for the many entrepreneurs in communities throughout the Heart of Texas during this National Entrepreneurship Month. Not only do we commend their hard work and commitment to creating new ideas, but we also would like to thank them for strengthening the economy in the Heart of Texas. HOTCOG is in constant awe of how many talented entrepreneurs live and work in the Heart of Texas region. 

Support Entrepreneurs in the Heart of Texas 

To meet local entrepreneurs and discover startups in the Heart of Texas, research local upcoming events in your community. Industry events, startup programs, and farmers markets in any region bring new businesses together.

Check out a nearby TechStars Startup Weekend, for example. This event connects local startups and provides a space for promoting entrepreneurial ideas. Attendees range from startups and new entrepreneurs to experienced sponsors and investors. Meet new business people, mentors, and more at a TechStars Startup Weekend coming up in the Heart of Texas!

After you’ve networked with some entrepreneurs in the Heart of Texas, be sure to follow them on social media. Share their posts, photos, stories, and hashtags to show your interest and share their stories with others. Spread the word about National Entrepreneurship Month so more and more people will begin supporting and recommending startups in the Heart of Texas.